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Maintaining Your New Floors

  • Cleaning:  Polished Concrete requires very little cleaning, other than a daily dust mopping.  Because of it’s smooth and shiny surface, the dust mop runs with ease across the beautifully polished surface and is completed with very little effort.  However, sand, abrasive soils, dirt and salts can wear through the protectant and can ultimately cause your floors to appear less reflective over time.  In order to allow for the ideal longevity of polished concrete, utilize doormats in heavy foot traffic areas.
  • Spills: Polished concrete is extremely durable and resistant, especially after ProGreen seals the floor and applies AmeriPolish OS Stain Protector.  The application of this protectant allows for a window of opportunity to prevent your spills from staining, discoloring or damaging your floors.  It is imperative that you clean spills as soon as possible and certainly do not permit spills to sit overnight.
  • Occasional Needs:  in order to promote the longevity of the shine of your polished concrete flooring, it may be necessary to buff the floor with a high speed burnisher equipped with a diamond impregnated burnishing pad.  This way it can revitalize the finish and look brand new!  Also, in some situations, you will need to have the stain protectant re-applied on an as needed basis.  The life of the product will vary depending on traffic across your floors.  The need will become apparent when buffing no longer revitalizes the shine and/or water is quickly absorbed into the concrete.  If this becomes the case, contact ProGreen Polished Concrete to schedule a renewed application of the stain protectant to maintain the life of your polished concrete floors.