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Long Lasting Durability

Low Maintenance: Polished Concrete floors eliminate the need to strip and wax your floors, while also eliminating the cost of labor or materials to do so. Aside from the occasional damp mopping, polished concrete floors will require very minimal maintenance.

Durability: Their dense surface inhibits stains from liquid, paint and oil spills. Your polished concrete floors will resist scuffmarks, abrasions and tire marks and will withstand high foot traffic beautifully. They provide you with longer life span than any vct tile or assorted floor coatings.

Environmentally Friendly: Our processes use an existing product, your slab. The products we treat the floors with are low VOC (volatile organic compounds), and create no hazardous waste.

Increased ambient lighting: Polished Concrete floors create high light reflectivity. They enable your facility or home to look bright and clean. They create a higher degree of shine than your traditional flooring options. Fewer overhead lights are required to brighten your rooms or facility.

Cost Efficiency: Because polished concrete flooring is grinding your slab on grade, they replace the need to install expensive floor coverings. They are very low maintenance and you no longer need to replace or rip up worn flooring. Studies have shown that polished concrete floors can decrease your electricity bill because they are highly reflective and require less light to brighten a room.

Aesthetics: Polished Concrete floors can be customized to meet your flooring desires. They can be burnished to create a high gloss shine, can have light to heavy aggregate, can be dyed an assortment of colors, and can include an infinite amount of decorative options. This flooring is ideal for residential, commercial, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing plants, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and retail stores alike.

Unique: Our process densifies, seals and colors from within the existing concrete surface, which provides you with a one of a kind, fully customizable, flooring option.

Services we offer: Polished Concrete, Overlays, Polish-able Overlays, Stain and Sealed Concrete, Sealed Concrete, Decorative Concrete.